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Plumbing Service

Leaky faucets send money down the drain, and leaky pipes can damage floors, ceilings, and furniture. Handyman by Pro is ready at the first sign of trouble to correct little problems quickly and completely,before they become catastrophes. Our licensed, experienced plumbers are continuously trained on the latest techniques for correcting problems of any scope, from faucet repair and drain cleaning to pipe replacement and toilet and bathtub installation. We’ll even trace the source of stubborn problems all the way to municipal sewer systems, then work with the proper agencies to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

 We tend to take our plumbing systems for granted while they’re working well. But when problems crop up, we’re struck by how complex our plumbing systems are, and how difficult they are to fix. Handyman by Pro is ready to help.

Our plumbers are all highly experienced and fully certified, meaning that no matter what kinds of plumbing problems you’re facing, we’ve seen it and fixed it before. From cold-water supplies to water heaters, washing machines to toilets, our professionals will quickly diagnose the problem, let you know exactly what it will take to fix it, and get the job done right the first time.

Let’s Talk About Toilets

Any plumbing problem can feel like an emergency, but a malfunctioning toilet really gets your attention. And if anything’s worse than a toilet that won’t flush, it’s a short-term DIY solution that leaves the underlying problem waiting to strike again.
When a peek inside the tank or a few strokes of the plunger don’t work, it’s time to call the professionals at Handyman by Pro for a thorough diagnosis and a proper repair. From major backups to minor nuisances like weak flushing, we’ll fix things thoroughly and lastingly, letting you flush without fear.

Upgrades and Installations

Plumbing isn’t all about fending off catastrophe. Our plumbers work with other Handyman by Pro team members to ensure that renovations and major repairs go smoothly, and we’re always here to help install new sinks and fixtures, and to upgrade your existing items.

We can also assess your entire plumbing system and advise on quick and inexpensive ways to improve its performance. New, better-performing valves and fixtures can help manage water use, and thoroughly insulating hot-water pipes can make your home dramatically more efficient. Even if you’re not in the midst of a plumbing emergency, give us a call and see what else your plumbing can do for you.

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