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Furniture Assembly Service

Buying furniture online is a smart decision for most homeowners, but the money you save can come at the expense of hours spent lugging heavy boxes upstairs and assembling hundreds of pieces. Handyman by Pro can help. 


Whether you’re despairing over the dozen bags of fasteners that accompanied your latest IKEA purchase, struggling to get your new Murphy bed into place, or wondering how one person is supposed to install a new range of cabinetry, our experienced furniture-assembly technicians are ready to handle the tricky details. If you’re planning to buy a few pieces for your apartment or a hundred for your business, we can give you a flat-rate quote for everything on your shopping list. 

Office assembly Service NYC
Furnitre Assembly Sevice
Furniture Installation Service

 Short of a full-on renovation job, nothing revitalizes your home like new furniture. Flat-pack furniture has put new furnishings within reach of most homeowners…but only after hours of difficult and tedious assembly.

Handyman by Pro can help.

Our furniture-assembly professionals have the experience and the tools needed to assemble your furniture quickly and inexpensively. Whatever pieces you’ve ordered, chances are good that we’ve already assembled exactly the same items for dozens of happy customers.

That experience shows in our quick work, our unconditional guarantee of customer satisfaction, and even in our tool belts. Some flat-pack furniture comes with rudimentary versions of all the tools needed to assemble it. Some doesn’t. Our team has seen it all, and we come prepared. 

For example, where you might bruise your fingers spinning the flimsy excuse for an allen wrench that came with your furniture, Handyman by Pro’s team can do the same work in a fraction of the time just by using the right professional tool for the job. Multiply that savings by the little galaxy of fasteners that go into most flat-pack furniture, and you can see how we get the job done quickly by getting it done right the first time.

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