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TV Mounting Service

New Yorkers are experts at making little spaces seem big. But even the trickiest hideaway furniture and cleverest shelving solutions can seem futile when a big-screen TV chews up a chunk of the floor. We’ve got a solution for that.


Mounting your TV on the wall or ceiling frees up floor space for the things that really belong there. But it can be a tricky proposition: get it wrong, and you’ll lose a chunk of wall, and your security deposit, along with your TV. Handyman by Pro’s contractors know which mounting surfaces require what kinds of support before your TV goes up. And when it does, you’ll be ready to Netflix and chill in style and comfort.

TV Mounting Servce in New York
TV Wire Management Service
Picture Hanging Sevice

Mounting your television on a wall or ceiling can free up valuable floor space and change the whole complexion of your room. But even though televisions are thinner and lighter than ever, mounting them can be difficult (and getting things wrong could leave you with big holes to patch up). 

Rather than putting your walls at risk, let Handyman by Pro install your TV mount. For years we’ve been helping residents of NYC and beyond make the most of small living spaces by getting their televisions off the ground. Whether your walls are made of brick, plaster, or drywall, we’ll mount your TV securely and safely, without damaging the mounting surface.

We’ll also ensure that your TV is mounted accurately. Aside from extra holes and improper anchoring techniques, the most common problem we’re asked to fix stemming from self-installed TV mounts is inaccurate leveling. For all their advantages, TV mounts aren’t nearly as forgiving as tabletop setups: you can’t stick a coaster under a mounted television to compensate for an unlevel surface.


With Handyman by Pro, you’ll be sure that your television is mounted at exactly the angle it should be.
You bought your television to enjoy it. You’re mounting your television to enjoy more of your living space. Leave the tricky angles and critical anchoring issues to our professionals, and get what you paid for from your television. Without having to throw your neck out of joint or spend the afternoon patching drywall.

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