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Electrical work is not for amateurs, but every home or small business is susceptible to problems with its electrical system. Sooner or later, any electrical outlet or switch will give out under repeated use, and sometimes the culprit is more than just simple wear and tear. Our expert electricians diagnose each problem quickly and thoroughly, identifying the precise cause for each problem and explaining clearly how best to solve it. 


We also offer a full range of installation services, from installing lighting fixtures and ceiling fans to bringing fire- and carbon monoxide detection up to code. In each case, our experts consider the wiring and circuitry involved in the new installation, ensuring that the job is done correctly, completely, and enduringly. 

Lighting Service in New York
Lighting Repair Service
Electrical Installation Seric

Even the most gung-ho DIYers understand that working on a home’s electrical system is strictly for professionals. The consequences of getting just one little thing wrong with your wiring are just too grim. And even if you were to get things working, there’s little way for an amateur to ensure that DIY work is entirely up to code. When the best-case scenario involves re-doing some or all of your work, its time to call Handyman by Pro.

Our professional electricians are experienced, qualified, and fully certified in the markets they serve. That background ensures that your electrical job will be done quickly and safely, and that it will meet everything from federal regulations to local building codes. 

And because our electricians are part of our comprehensive team of home-repair professionals, you’ll know that your electrical work will be done with your broader remodeling goals in mind. When electrical work requires a little hole in a wall here or a disruption to your paint job there, our entire team will be ready to finish the job properly. Your electrician will work with the rest of our team to be sure that everyone’s on the same page and that you have a clear understanding of what needs to be done, how long it will take, and how much it will cost.

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