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Painting Service

Landlords have their reasons for keeping things simple, and that can mean drab, boring eggshell-white walls in any apartment you rent. We can do something about that. And your landlord doesn’t even need to know.


Our professional painters can quickly give your walls the color and character you deserve. We live in the city, too, so we know how important it is to do the job quickly and neatly the first time around. And when it’s time to move out, a quick call to Handyman by Pro will set everything back the way it was. What your landlord doesn’t know about your walls won’t hurt him.

Residential Painting Service
Commercial Painting Service
Exterior Painting Sevice

Anyone who’s done a DIY painting job (and is honest about the results) knows that far more goes into successfully painting a room than just brushing on some paint and watching out for drips. Most interior surfaces are uneven, and need more careful preparation than most homeowners realize. Some paints are best applied in two coats or even three, each of which needs to be applied at a certain thickness. And keeping edges straight and neat is an art unto itself.

Handyman by Pro’s experienced painting professionals have seen it all, and they’re ready to give you the results you’ve dreamed of, in less time than most homeowners take to get the job half-right

We start by protecting the entire area and meticulously preparing each surface to be painted. Good painters are good finish carpenters, too, and our first step is to expertly fix any irregularities before we pick up a roller or brush. We prime each surface with an exacting eye toward providing a consistent backdrop for the paint you’ve chosen. Only then do our professionals apply the paint itself, drawing on their experience, specialists’ tools, and well-honed techniques to negotiate even the trickiest corners.

The result is a beautifully consistent finish free of the brush marks and stray strokes that call attention to amateur paint jobs. It’s your home. Get it painted right the first time with Handyman by Pro.

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