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Why Hire Us

A Comprehensive Team

When you hire Handyman by Pro, our entire team of professionals is ready to help with your project. It all starts with our friendly customer service representatives, who are ready to dispatch the right professional for your needs, or to put you in touch with local designers and  architects who can bring your vision to life. At each step, you’ll work with knowledgeable, experienced, courteous professionals who genuinely love what they do; each is fully trained and certified, and has passed a rigorous background check.

We all know that one repair often points to another. A leaking pipe might have damaged the floor; a broken door might require some trim carpentry to its frame. By offering a complete line of home-repair and -improvement services, Handyman by Pro puts our customers’ minds at ease by fixing every problem completely and expertly. We got this far by delivering extraordinary service, and we’ll continue to grow one happy customer at a time.

Worry-Free Experience

In our 18 years as a company, Handyman by Pro has served nearly 700,000 customers across the tri-state area, and we’ve treated each one like a neighbor. Satisfied customers are our best advertisements, and most of our new clients were referred by a friend or colleague.


We’ve achieved all this with responsive, professional customer service, high-quality work performed by experts with an average of 10 years’ experience in their fields, and a commitment to quality and accountability that’s backed by a full guarantee. We live here, too, and we take the same pride in our work that we do in our community.

Professional Approach

Our friendly customer service representatives are available over the phone or by email or live chat.

Our technicians hold themselves to the highest standards of professionalism and courtesy, as outlined in our company’s policy.

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