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Time To Organize Your Garage!

Do you know what a majority of people use as storage space in their homes? Do you also know where the messiest places of the average homeowner are? Both answers are surprisingly the same, as basements and garages take the cake in this competition, with kitchens followed closely behind. Now that spring has arrived it is time for spring cleaning, but we prefer to call it spring organization. Just for a second, think about the last time you needed to find something and spent hours looking for it. Or that time you wanted to park your car in the garage but couldn’t because there is no room. Or that time you were looking for that old photo album in the basement and went through 20 boxes before you found it (if you were lucky). In most cases, it’s not the amount of things you have that’s the problem, it’s not knowing where everything is. So today we will help show you the way to organizational success! The first thing that needs to happen is to sort all of your belongings out. The easiest way to begin this is to make three basic piles (or areas) to sort your belongings. One pile for things to keep, one pile for trash, and the last one is to sell or donate. When going through your things, you must be honest with yourself. Only keep things you need or that hold sentimental value to you, and the rest you either throw away, sell, or donate to someone who could use it. This same method applies to any area of your home, but we will

focus on the garage for this article.

Now that everything has been removed and sorted, it is time to clean your space and check for any other maintenance work that needs to be done. First start with your floor, see if it needs any repairs, or even replace it with something new, and do the same to the walls, ceiling, doors and windows. Now is the perfect time to take care of it since you have already removed everything! Once the floor, walls, and ceiling are good to go it is time to get to the real fun. It is easy enough to stack boxes against the wall and call it a day, but we ask you to stop and to think ahead to the next time you are looking for something. Do you really want to pull all those boxes down and put them back up every time you have to find something? Of course not! That is why we highly recommend in investing in wall shelves or racks and some good labels to go along with them. When it comes to picking out racks or shelving units it is very important to keep your lifestyle and day to day needs in mind. There are so many options out there, but only one is best for you and your home. But again, to choose the right one you need to look at your lifestyle. For example, and avid bike riding family

probably owns multiple bicycles. And they can take up a lot of space. Hanging bike racks are a great choice to help save floor space, and leave room for other things. Another example is for you dads, and that work bench and tool shelf you’ve always wanted. Build it right into the wall for a sturdy work area, and have your newly organized tool shelf conveniently placed next to or above your work space. Just a few examples to get you started. Once your new shelves, or racks, are picked out and installed it is time to fill them up. Put labels on the

outside of your boxes so you know exactly what is inside. When placing the boxes on your shelves, it is important to place your items based on their frequency of use. For example, things like holiday decorations that are only used one per year should be placed at the top and your other items like tools should be placed at the bottom so you can get to them with ease. Now you are organized and ready to go, and if you stick to the system it will stay organized and you will never spend hours looking for something again!

If you need help with any repairs or maintenance to your floors, walls, windows or doors; or installation of your shelves or racks, we are here to help you! Call us today: 212.739.7841

or visit us:

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